Order and price ptions

Clients can make their orders through the web page: www.muychulo.es

Each client declares their full capacity to use the credit cards and that those have enough funds on them to cover all the costs, resulting from a purchase of products  through muychulo.es.

Pressing the “Pay” button during the purchase process, the member declares that they accept the Present General Conditions of Sales, entirely and without any exceptions.

The data registered by muychulo.es constitue a proof of the transferences made between muychulo.es and its Private Community members. muychulo.es will confirm your order by sending you an email.

The contract information will be presented in Spanish and must be confirmed at latest at the moment of receiving the products by the Client.

The prices of our products include all the taxes, but do not include the transport expenses.

muychulo.es reserves their right to change the prices at any moment, but the products will be invoiced basing on the prices in force at the moment when the order was registered (when the available product was reserved), excluding cases of tipografic errors.

The products will remain in the property of the provisor till the moment full payment of the price is made.

muychulo.es se reserves their right to refuse any order to any member, beeing in a litigation process with them.


muychulo.es will do its best to satisfy all their Clients in their demand of the products.

In case the product ordered is no longer available, the Client will be informed about the order cancellation through an email.

Concerning the payment, the speed of returning the funds on the banc account of the Client will depend on the type of the bank card and the conditions of every bank establishment . These terms will be mentioned in the clause “Delivery”.


Payment by card:

Payments of the purchases will be made by credit cards. The accepted credit cards are: Visa and MasterCard. The price of the purchase will be charged on the bank account of the Client, during 4 days counting from the day of the order and will be concidered effective after the confirmation from the centers of bank payment.

In case the TSP (Terminal Sales Point) informs that the card has been refused, the order will be cancelled automatically, informing the Client  online about it.

Cash on delivery:

The payment will be made at the moment of collecting the product at the post office

The additional cost of this option is 3,50

The order will be collected at the post office closest to the Client’s home.

The refunds will be realised this way in all the cases when the purchase exceeds 6 €, in other cases the client will receive a discount for their next purchase.

The transfer will be realised to the account the Client will indicate.

Bank transfer:

This payment option will not have any additional cost for the Client

The refund will be sent to the account indicated by the Client

To realise a payment of an invoice you have to indicate:

The invoice number.

The name of the payer.

Should be destinated to NAME_SHOP to the account number given by the company.

Send the payment proof to the email:regals@vialliure.es stating the topic of the payment proof.


In this option the payment will be made according to the condition of the contract made between the Client and paypal, and the refunds will be made by the company using the same tool.

This option does not have any additional cost for the Client.


For your security  muychulo.es relies on the payment system using the credit card through a payment gateway.

The bank data introduced is encripted and transfered safely to the servers of the bank entity and later verificated with the emissor bank to avoid possible frauds and abuses.

The procedure of the data introduction is guaranteed by the encriptation system SSL (Secure Socker Layer) -128 bits one of the most advanced and efficient systems among those available at the moment, thanks to which no third person will have an access through Internet to the information connected to the bank data introduced by the Client.

Only the Bank and PayPal will have access to the bank data connected by these payment tools, which means that muychulo.es will not get or register this data during the payment process.


The provisor will send the products to the distributor warehouse, next the products will be sent to their final destination, which will be the adress stated by the Client. Each time the order is sent, the byuer will receive an email.

The buyer will pay the transportation costs.

The information about the order will be available on muychulo.es, once the payment is confirmed, you can find it on the page of: “My orders”, starting from the moment you get an email. The order apart from the original purchase will include the cost of the delivery and VAT.

muychulo.es will ask their Clients to choose the place they want the product to be delivered to, choosing from home address, office or a center where they want to collect it. The term of the delivery varies between 24 and 72 hours on working days.

muychulo.es will inform the Client that the product has left the distribution warehouse through an email.

The delivery will be considered realised once the product is handed to the Client by the transporter, which will be proved by the control system used by the transporter. The Client will check the order at the moment of receiving it and that is at this moment when they can make all the justified complaints and reclamations, including a possibility of refusing the paquage, if there are signs of it having been opened or being deteriorated.

Complaints  and reclamations will be sent to muychulo.es through an email to the address mentioned on the page of muychulo.es.


All the products can be returned during 7 days counting from the day of delivery, according to the Retail Sales Law of Spain.

The Client should announce their intention through an email and. muychulo.will answer through another email indicating the detailed instructions of returning the product.

The return costs will be paid by the Client.

The refund to the Client’s account resulting from this return will be made during 7 days counting from the day  muychulo.es receives the goods.

The return can never be an option if the goods in question have obviously been used.

The products must be returned protected correctly, in their original package, in ideal state (not damaged or made dirty by the client) with all the accessories, instructions and documents. They will be sent to the place specified by muychulo.es in the detailed instructions for the return of the products sent through an email.

In case the return is not acepted by the provisor because the products in question have been used, these products will remain on the distribution warehouse to be collected by the Client during the period not exceeding thirty days after their return.

The packages not containing any information that can help to identify the sender (# of the order, name, address,…) will not be accepted for the return either.

The costs and risks resulting from the return of the products will be run by the sender, who has to send them safely and with guarantees necessary so that the goods returned come in the perfect state.

Through muychulo.es  clients can realise the returns of the products bought, refunding their price. Once the product/s returned is/are received, muychulo.es will check if they are in a good state and will pass to the refund of the price paid, excluding the transportation costs (7 € including VAT), independently from the price of the product returned.

Everyone returning their product will receive an email informing them about the refund sum.


The guarantees and the Post-Sale services will be regulated by the Royal Legislative Decreet 1/2007 dated 16 November that affirms the text of the General Law of the Consumers and Users Defence. According to this norm, the seller must hand the products subject to the contract to the consumers and users, being responsible for anything not conforming to the contract. The consumer or user has the right to have their product repaired, substituted, to have a discount or to break the contract.

Responsibility, court resolution and legislation appliable

muychulo.es will not be considered as responsible of a contract unaccomplishment in case of finalization of the existances or unavailability of the product, force major, disturbance,  general or partial strike, in particular,of  post services or transport, and/or communications, flood or fire. In case of a litigation, the member should priorly address muychulo.es to obtain a friendly resolution.

The Courts of Madrid will be considered the only ones competent. The present general sales conditions will be interpretated in Spanish language and will be realised according to the Spanish law. Any disputes connected to their validity,interpretation or excercise will be presented to the Courts of Madrid, which get the exclusive competence.

Modification of the General Conditions of Sales

muychulo.es reserve the right to modify the General Conditions of Sales without any previous warning, they can change, delete or add  both the contents and services provided through the site, and the form they are presented or located on the servers.

These changes must be accepted by the User each time they make a purchase through the site  muychulo.es.

The members of “Private Community of muychulo.es” who do not agree with the modifications of the general conditions, must inform about it and, starting from the date this new version enters in force, must stop using muychulo.es service. In case that any of the terms or general conditions is illegal or unenforcable, they will not be considered as ones in force and the parties will return to the conditions they agreed on before, or, if these do not exist, to the terms exposed in the Civil Code of Spain.